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Blog - Why Worry When You Can Pray?

Recent Posts from our Pastor, Rev. Bev on the topic "Why Worry When You Can Pray?"

Have you ever needed to cover yourself up in a blanket and simply enjoy the warmth of being “underneath” the covers? Right now, our ground is partially covered by snow. What is happening under the cover of snow is truly remarkable. This is the exciting part - what is happening under the snow. Our earth is producing flowers and new life – under the cover of the snow. It is a beautiful process, one that I am in awe of. Even though it is cold and barren looking, new life is being birthed – right under our feet!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could “do away with ads/commercials altogether?” Most of the time, I find ads annoying. They interrupt the story in a television show, are interjections in my e-mail and social media time, and get stuck in my head with the repetitive jingles or tag lines meant to help me remember their product or service. I go out of my way to avoid them – my DVR is my friend, I play CD’s in the car rather than listen to the radio, and I skip ads online as soon as the web will allow it! Ads seem to take a lot of my time.

When my daughters were little, they had a playroom where they would often play “school.” We had an old fashion chalk board in that room. The girls would fight or do something they were not supposed to do and I thought, “Let’s put their names on the chalk board and put a mark by their name when they did something wrong.” Later we would talk about it and I would then pray with them and say, “I forgive you and so does God.” This became a habit and something of a family ritual every night before they went to bed. I would erase the marks and “start with a clean slate” the next day.

Have you ever felt “trapped?” Trapped is when you feel helpless and hopeless and the world seems to be crashing in on you and you can’t escape. I know what it’s like to feel trapped. When I had my first stroke, I couldn’t move my right side. I had a terrible headache that felt as if a vice was squeezing my head (and that headache lasted 8 years). I had garbled speech. I knew what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t clearly communicate my thoughts. I was trapped inside my own body.

I walked into his room at the care center. I knew he was in his 20’s and that he had cystic fibrosis and that he had lived in the care center for about 6 months. I knew his name but not much else about this young man. As I opened the curtain and announced my presence, I was shocked to see all of the frog images in his room. He had posters of frogs, pictures of frogs, statues of frogs, stuffed toys that were frogs. Everywhere I looked, there were frogs! I thought this might be a good way to begin our conversation, so I asked him, “Why frogs?”

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